Nov 16. 7 pm. Emergency Rally: No Negotiations with Terrorists!

On November 15, as the G20 summit started in Indonesia, Russia targeted critical infrastructure and civilian residential buildings in 18 Ukrainian regions, launching more than 100 missiles. We can’t ignore these terrorist acts. So we are mobilizing the Ukrainian community, Polish community, Baltic community, and everyone supporting freedom and democracy to protest against Russia.


Nov 12. 10 AM. Tree planting to honor those killed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian community and Green Seattle Partnership are planning a large tree planting event. About 50 volunteers will come together to plant about 400 trees and shrubs with a goal to express gratitude to Seattle, Washington State and USA for welcoming our Ukrainian refugees and to commemorate those killed in Ukraine by Russian aggression.

CANCELED: Circle of Defense

Canceled due to air quality in Seattle.

Saturday, October 15th, at noon, we invite all Ukrainians and supporters to join us for our Circle of Defense rally. The rally is taking place in all the major cities in America and other countries in preparation for the Day of the Defenders of Ukraine

31st Independence Day of Ukraine – 2022

Join us and spread the word about our official annual celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day!
We are extremely excited to invite you to celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day with an unforgettable concert and our special guest, one of the most well-known Ukrainian rock bands, SKAI.

May 20. 6 pm. “Bad Roads”. Ukrainian Movie Screening Fundraiser.

Ukrainian Association of Washington State, Hong Kong Democracy & Human Rights Association at UW, and Reason8films are proud to present to you a screening of the Ukrainian movie “Bad Roads” – a 2021 Oscar submission from Ukraine for the Best International Film. Join us to watch an omnibus drama about fraught encounters in Ukraine’s conflict zones.

April 22. 6 PM. Charity Auction: Bid for Ukraine

We invite you to join us at the charity auction to help raise $250,000 by the end of April to pay for up to 3,000 individual first aid kits to be shipped to Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds will support the ongoing efforts of the Ukrainian Association of Washington to provide medical supplies, support displaced families, and on-the-ground relief.