June 17, 2022

Neonatal Incubators For Ukraine

© UNICEF/Andriy Boiko. A newborn baby lies in an incubator at a maternity ward that was moved to the basement of a hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.

As the relentless attacks from Russia on the Ukrainian land continues, the UAWS is committed to doing its part to provide help where it’s most needed. Our organization maintains constant communication with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to ensure our efforts are aligned with the urgent needs that arise during these challenging times.

This summer, the UAWS set a goal to raise $4.5M for crucial neonatal care equipment, specifically – neonatal incubators. According to the UN Population Fund, an estimated 265,000 Ukrainian women were pregnant when the war broke out, and about 80,000 births are expected in the next three months. According to the BBC, premature births now account for 50% of deliveries. We aim to provide at least ten units for 50 Ukrainian prenatal and maternity hospitals to address dire situations with stress-induced premature childbirths. These will provide infants with a safe and controlled environment, giving them the space and time needed to develop their vital organs.

We are asking for your continued support

Monetary Donations

Help funding the purchase of the following units

Material Donations

Donate used/refurbished units from hospitals/partner networks in Europe and the US.

Below is the wish list which was shared with us by Ukraine’s Ministry of Health

List of Equipment

Mobile Incubators 50 units
ATOM MEDICAL Dual Incu i 16 units
ATOM MEDICAL Incu i 16 units
ATOM MEDICAL Air Incu i 16 units
ATOM MEDICAL Infa Warmer i 16 units
Neonatal elastic caps 1000 pcs
Maternity operating tables with electromechanical control
60 pcs