JUNE 15. 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Barvinok’s 20th Anniversary Concert

🎉 Celebrate Barvinok’s 20th Anniversary: A Night of Ukrainian Dance and Culture! 🎉

Prepare for an exciting journey of melodies and traditions as we celebrate our 20th anniversary on June 15th! Join us for a magical evening filled with mesmerizing Ukrainian dances, delicious dinner, and captivating musical performances. Experience the rich tapestry of Ukrainian tradition right here in the Pacific Northwest!

Event Details:

Why You Can’t Miss This Event:
Mesmerizing Performances: Be captivated by our talented dancers as they perform intricate folk dances, showcasing Ukraine’s vibrant culture and history.
Delicious Dinner: Enjoy a delectable meal included with your ticket, featuring traditional Ukrainian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.
Captivating Music: Delight in musical performances that will transport you to the heart of Ukraine, adding an extra layer of magic to the evening.
Cultural Immersion: Step into a world of colorful costumes, lively music, and heartfelt storytelling that brings the spirit of Ukraine to life.

Reserve your spot today and be part of this spectacular celebration. Tickets are limited, so don’t wait! If you can’t join us in person, consider making a donation to help us continue preserving and sharing Ukrainian culture with future generations.

🌟 Don’t Miss Out on This One-of-a-Kind Event! 🌟

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