March & Rally: The Cost of Inaction is Higher Than The Cost of Action

Saving Ukraine is a key for protecting Europe and the World around us. We must stop Putin’s Russia NOW! The longer we wait the harder it will be to fight it. Amplify our message by joining our rally. Bring your families, friends, and neighbors – our collective presence will demonstrate unwavering support and commitment. Together, we have the power to shape our future. Use your power to make the statement!

Nov 30 – Dec 27. Talents of Ukraine

This unique exhibition will run from November 30 to December 27 and will provide an opportunity to see and buy the work of local and Ukrainian artists. The artwork and handicrafts will feature different forms of media both big and small and includes paintings, digital prints, as well as unique pottery, handmade jewelry, tapestry art, stained glass, handmade dolls, Christmas ornaments, and many more.


Nov 12. 10 AM. Tree planting to honor those killed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian community and Green Seattle Partnership are planning a large tree planting event. About 50 volunteers will come together to plant about 400 trees and shrubs with a goal to express gratitude to Seattle, Washington State and USA for welcoming our Ukrainian refugees and to commemorate those killed in Ukraine by Russian aggression.